PAT Testing

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PAT TestingThe 5 minute test that can save your life

In general, anything that has a plug or a flexible connection to a fused spur is classed as a portable appliance which should be PAT tested, this includes extension leads and power leads.

A PAT test is a simple test with specialist equipment that ensures that an electrical appliance is safe to use. It consists of a visual inspection and physical inspection of polarity, fuse rating, insulation resistance and functionality.

Although there is no current legal requirement for PAT Testing to take place; we highly recommend that appliances are tested to prevent danger at least every 12 months (Some specific appliances like computers are recommended for test every 4yrs). This is especially applicable to business owners and landlords.


Jane Andains StoryA tale of a rented home that went horribly wrong

Six years ago Jane's daughter Thirza moved to Cornwall to start an exciting new life with her husband and their two young children. Five months later she was found dead in the bath by her five year old daughter, electrocuted due to faulty wiring in the family's rented home, wiring that had not been checked for years.

Jane supports Electrical Safety First's campaign for a change in the law to introduce mandatory five yearly checks on the electrics in rented homes. This simple piece of legislation will save lives. Read the full story...

We believe in high electrical safety standards and support this campaign to bring in safety testing and promote PAT tests on all electrical appliances. It really is a 5 minute test that can save your life.

Test Intervals

The following lists some of the test intervals for certain appliances...

  • In general it's every 12 months
  • Computers & IT equipment = 4yrs
  • Fridges & freezers = 2yrs

Of course, if you are a business owner reading this, then you'll have different test timescales depending on the type of business that you are; contact us directly and we'll be able to advise you of the latest guidance notes.

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