Domestic Rewires

When the only thing left is a rewire - We'll be happy to provide the best solution

RewiresGet our team of qualified electricians for your full or partial rewire

The life expectancy of a new electrical installation is approximately 20 Years. There are many factors that affect the life expectancy i.e. the type of wiring and how it was used. As the life of an installation is pretty long, it is easy to forget that it will eventually need replacing.

Electrical rewiring involves the replacement of old, dangerous or non-compliant electrical equipment i.e. cables, fittings, distribution boards (fuse boxes) and N4 Electrical are very experienced in this type of electrical work.

Contemplating a complete rewire is a huge undertaking but very worthwhile in updating your home electrics to meet current regulations and most importantly, safety standards. A rewire will also make the electrical wiring in your home more capable of meeting today's demands in terms of electrical appliances.

if your electrical wiring was installed many years ago (especially pre 1970's) it is likely that the installation was not planned to accommodate the level of electrical equipment that you have today.

You may not have enough sockets in the right places. You may use extension leads which may cause your appliances to overload electrical circuits. You may also want additional lighting or power to a garage or shed.


How Safe is Your Home?After years of DIY - How good are your electrics?

In less time than you may think, the electrics in your home can become damaged or worn through general wear and tear. It's important to get them inspected and tested to check they're still safe to use. Download the NICEIC guide to home safety.

Having your electrical supply, installation and appliances tested is a core part of electrical safety in the home. For years, many homes have had their wiring systems neglected; we strongly believe that getting them tested will help improve safety and reduce electrical sourced, house fires.

We offer a range of testing solutions, all of which are carried out by qualified electricians and we are an NICEIC approved domestic installer.

Do you need a rewire?

Below is a quick check list to see if you're likely to be in need of a rewire... Remember, if you're using outside sockets they should be on RCD's and you should be getting your wiring checked every 10 years and follow through with the recomendations made.

  • Replaceable fuse wire
  • Sockets and switches that get hot
  • Sockets or switches with brown staining
  • Random fuses blowing at regular intervals
  • Using lots of extension leads
  • Lighting with "twisted" flex cable
  • Rubber or fabric covered flex cable
  • Round pin plugs and sockets
  • Cables without earths; especially lighting

Partial rewire

A part rewire may be the replacement of a section of the installation or just updating of the fuse boxes, fittings or cables to upgrade an installation to the current regulations and efficiency.

The full legal definition of a HMO can be found here.

We will happily carry out and issue Condition Reports for HMO properties.

Full rewire

A full rewire involves replacing all cables, fittings and distribution equipment. Cables can be chased into the walls & completely hidden. Alternatively a rewire can involved a surface rewire where the cables are hidden in mini trunking fitted onto the surface of the walls.


Rewiring your home can be a stressful experience, but the benefits can make a suprising difference...

  • New, clean wiring = Safe wiring
  • Future proofed to take extra demand
  • Great selling point
  • Rid yourself of trailing cables
  • Power where you want it
  • Lower fuel costs with LEDs


It is helpful if you consider rewiring your home before you undertake a lot of decorating as creating new sockets and moving lights and switches does create mess and often redecorating becomes necessary in some rooms.

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